Integrated air-cooled hand-held welding gun comes out


Integrated air-cooled hand-held welding gun comes out


In recent years, the laser industry has been used more and more widely in China, and the localization trend has been strengthened. The laser welding technology has gradually replaced the traditional welding technologies such as arc welding and electric welding. In the field of automobile manufacturing, relevant data shows that in western developed countries, about 70% of automobile parts are completed by laser welding technology.


With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, more and more devices choose batteries as their power source. In the field of power battery production, the basic steps such as the welding of the top cover structure, the production of the electric cell, and the series and parallel connection of the electric cell modules all have high requirements on the quality of the welding process. Therefore, the current very popular power battery industry is also widely using laser welding technology.


While the market demand for laser welding has increased dramatically, the technical and technological requirements for laser welding have also been improved simultaneously. Although laser welding has many advantages that traditional welding cannot match, there are also many problems that need to be improved, which are mainly reflected in the specific application process: the laser welding head is easy to get ash in the process of insertion, removal and use, there are stuck alarms in the process of butt welding, and because of the poor processing environment and more dust, it is easy to cause the focus lens pollution, which is a headache for front-line welding workers.


In view of the problems existing in traditional laser welding, hand-held laser welder came into being, and was recognized by the market for its high efficiency, short training time, environmental protection, less consumables, and high ductility.


Faced with the strong business needs of the market, Rubylasertech has also been constantly pushing itself and making progress. With the advantages of laser output head R&D and process after 15 years of hard work in the industry, and on the basis of QBH, it has successfully developed an integrated air-cooled hand-held laser welding gun.


Compared with the handheld laser welding equipment on the market, the handheld welding system of Rubylasertech is an integrated air-cooled structure, which is extremely light, with the weight of about 3.5 mobile phones. It feels smooth and smooth like a needle moving. The following is a picture of the product.


This all-in-one air-cooled handheld laser welding tools combines our company's years of research and production experience in the laser output head. The integrated and simplified structure makes the weight of the gun head still less than 1Kg when including the QBH. It is more portable, and at the same time, it further optimizes the process structure of handheld welding, solving many problems existing in the current handheld welding:


Safety: multiple safety redundancy design;

Fast cooling: thermal management advantages, fast cooling;

Compact: the gun head weighs about 760g (including QBH);

Low price: air cooling, no need for additional water cooling equipment;

Lightweight: integrated design, simple structure, more stable performance and easy maintenance;

Comfortable: ergonomic design, 110 ° grip angle, and less fatigue when holding for a long time.


The integrated air cooled hand-held laser welding gun of Rubylasertech  is different from the traditional laser hand-held welding gun. The air cooled laser welder structure does not require additional power consumption for the water cooling equipment, which removes the pipes, components, control and maintenance links of the water chiller, reduces the cost and increases the portability and improves the overall reliability of the system.


In terms of the weight and volume of the equipment, the Rubylasertech integrated air-cooled hand-held laser welding gun also has obvious advantages over traditional equipment. The portable body and the hand grip structure fitting human design greatly improve its use efficiency and experience.


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