How will CO2 laser cutting machines develop in the automotive industry?


In today's laser processing industry, the most important application technology is co2 laser cutter, which accounts for at least 70% of the laser processing industry.Laser cutting is the most advanced cutting process in the world at present. It has many advantages. It can be used for precision manufacturing, flexible cutting and special-shaped processing. It can also be formed at one time, with high speed and efficiency. It solves many problems that cannot be solved by conventional methods in the industrial production process.


Processing mode of automobile manufacturing industry


If the CO2 laser cutting equipment is used to divide laser cutting methods, it can be divided into plane cutting and three-dimensional cutting. For high-strength steel structure components, CO2 laser cutting system is undoubtedly the best cutting method, but for complex contours or complex surfaces, whether from a technical or economic perspective, three-dimensional CO2 laser cutting tools is a very effective processing method.


Automobiles continue to go farther and farther on the lightweight route, and the use of hot formed high-strength steel is becoming more and more extensive. Compared with ordinary steel, it is lighter and thinner, but has higher strength. It is mainly used in various key parts of the body, such as the anti-collision beam of the door, front and rear bumpers, A pillars, B pillars, etc., which is the key factor to ensure vehicle safety. Hot formed high-strength steel is formed by hot stamping, and the strength after treatment is increased from 400-450MPa to 1300-1600MPa, 3-4 times that of ordinary steel. It can be imagined that such high-strength materials are also a big problem in processing.accuracy is 0.03mm.

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