Indian Puralaser purchase large quantity ZRsuns laser power supply

Puralaser is a manufacturer of CO2 laser cutting machines and CO2 laser engraving machines in India. It has offices all over India Jain is responsible for the company's procurement business In the past few years, he purchased laser power from another power supply manufacturer in China. Because of product quality problems and poor after-sales, Puralaser lost customers. Jain learned that the laser power supply of ZRsuns brand came from one of his laser tube suppliers. He talked about the laser power supply business through WeChat in April 2022, and the purchase volume of the first order was 145 pcs. (it involved ZR-100W, ZR-120W and ZR-150W models) Through difficult negotiations, the president of ZRsuns gave Jain the price of big dealers After Puralaser received the power supply, the engineer immediately installed the machine and tested it, with good results. So Jain gave ZRsuns two orders in July, September and November, and the purchase volume was 145 PCS, 145 PCS and 255 PCS respectively

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