folding co2 tube power supplies

  • Analog Signal 200W Folding CO2 Tube Power Supplies

    1.This analog signal power supplies use ordinary H/L/P/G/IN/5V interface to receive control signal. It adopts aluminum upper cover and base, and galvanized plate casing.on this analog signal power supplies. 2. The 200W power supplies have good compatibility : This 200W power supplies can match with RECI,Yongli,SPT,EFR,Weiju and other brand 200W CO2 tube,besides this feature, the 200W power supplies also have strong adaptability and fast response, engraving or cutting benefits good effect. 3.The folding CO2 tube power supplies have good protection feature: The folding CO2 tube power supplies have open circuit protection to make this folding CO2 tube power supplies work for a short time in the open state

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