When laser cutting technology meets PCB: improve the quality and efficiency of automotive applications


When laser cutting technology meets PCB: improve the quality and efficiency of automotive applications

PCB (printed circuit board) is widely used in the automotive industry. It can be seen in automotive electronic laser cutting equipment, sensors, lighting systems, and many other automotive applications. In applications with high requirements for safety, PCB must meet high quality standards, so we must treat every detail of the PCB production CO2 cutting with caution.

First of all, using laser cutting machine to cut PCB is different from using milling or stamping machinery. CO2 cutting  machine will not leave dust on PCB, so it will not affect later use. Moreover, the mechanical stress and thermal stress of components introduced by laser cutting equipments are negligible, and the cutting process is quite mild.

Secondly, laser technology can meet the requirements of cleanliness. People can produce PCB with high cleanliness and high quality through cleancut technology to treat the substrate without carbonization and discoloration.Therefore, users can obtain a very high yield in production.

In fact, as long as the parameters are adjusted, people can use the same laser cutting tools to process various materials, such as standard applications (such as FR4 or ceramic products), insulating metal substrates (IMS) and laser cutting system level packaging (SIP). This flexibility enables PCB to be applied to various scenarios, such as engine cooling or heating systems, chassis sensors, etc.

In PCB design, there are no restrictions on contour, radius, label or other aspects. Through all-round cutting, PCB can be directly placed on the table, which greatly improves the space efficiency. Compared with mechanical cutting technology, using CO2 laser cutting equipment to cut PCB can save more than 30% of materials. This not only helps to reduce the cost of producing PCB for specific purposes, but also helps to build a friendly ecological environment.

The advanced CO2 laser cutting system ensures the stability of the operation process, and the automation of the system also simplifies the operation process. Due to the higher power of the integrated laser power source, the current CO2 cutting machine can be completely comparable with the mechanical system in terms of cutting speed.

Moreover, the operation cost of the laser system is low, and there are no wearing parts (such as milling heads). Therefore, the cost of replacing parts and the resulting downtime can be avoided.

Laser has a wide range of applications. In addition to substrate cutting, it can also be used for marking, drilling or ablation of a single material layer.

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